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Scrub the inside of the toilet bowl. Re-sprinkle the brush with baking soda a couple more times. Flush twice, and your toilet will glisten. After you've removed the air filter, from your shop vacuum, you can stick the end of the host into the toilet and start sucking out all the water. Hopefully this will pull anything that is blocking the toilet now that and you will be done with your excavation. Note that vinegar is an excellent fungus and mold killer. If you have black mold in your toilet, especially under the rim, be sure to dip your brush in the vinegar and run the brush under the rim. Wait 30 minutes and scrub with baking soda and brush. To clean your toilet bowl naturally, dump in half a box of baking soda and let it stand in the bowl overnight. In the morning, flush the toilet several times to remove all the dirt and grime. Run a brush around the ring to loosen any part of the ring that remains. Flush again and that's it! 漏水 馬桶维修 The above tips will help you and your toilet enjoy a long and happy association. According to a survey on the life expectancy of materials done by the National Association of Home Builders a few years ago, a toilet can last 50 years. That is of course , that it is given reasonable care. To learn more about preventive care for your toilets visit Toiletology 101.